Expanding Pools of Confirming Research About Resveratrol Supplements

Nearly all sources of data relating to resveratrol note admired media personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, who presented interviews with Dr. Oz, a Turkish medical expert, who discussed scientific results suggesting links between resveratrol and anti-aging processes in laboratory experiments involving mice and other small animals such as fish and rats. Media publicity is not unusual principally when covering so called 'wonder pills' or 'fountain of youth' claims. But, the claims made by media personalities and talk show hosts do have some scientific support. Lets take a look at some of the promising 'evidence'.

Resveratrol Antioxidant Properties

Before we can comprehend the antioxidant character of resveratrol supplements, we need to look at the function of oxidants. Oxidants are a type of toxin that attacks organs in the body and are related to cancer producing cells. Antioxidants, as the name implies, are the direct opposite of oxidants. They offer protection for body cells, organs and the central nervous system. As a result, antioxidants contend with toxic oxidants and repair damaged cell tissue.

Resveratrol Sources

Many common foods and drinks contain resveratrol. For instance, red wine is one rich source of resveratrol. Red grapes, of course, and peanuts also contain elements of resveratrol. According to a promising body of scientific studies, the health outcomes require high-level concentrations of the resveratrol compound, not found in standard foods. This explains the emerging supply of resveratrol supplements available. Resveratrol supplements are acquired from sources namely: Japanese knotweed and red wine.

Resveratrol and slowing the Aging Process

Resveratrol supplements usually contain 500 times more of the resveratrol compound than is found in everyday foods. These are the type of concentrations used in laboratory tests reported in the media. One of the core claims from the scientific studies is the relationship between resveratrol and extending life duration. Although these studies are rather new and ongoing, there seems to be salient evidence to prop up the claims. Specifically these claims include benefits such as: fighting diseases linked with diabetes and cancer. The lab experiments involving mice and rats showed improved life expectancy when exposed to high concentrations of reveratrol supplements in their diets.

The theory stemming for the research examines how resveratrol incites the SIRT-1 gene. The action of this gene is initiated by a calorie deprived diet. The lab experiments showed that when rats are given high concentrations of resveratrol or fed on low calorie diets, they show longer and more active life spans when compared to control groups. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is one company conducting human tests with the drug, SRT501 for its application for controlling diabetes. Other findings point to some promise for retarding the natural aging process and improving cardiovascular systems as we age.

In other studies, Stanford researchers effectively reversed the aging of skin in mice by introducing resveratrol into their diets. The resveratrol motivated the skin cells to rapidly reproduce. While these findings are in their infancy, cosmetic companies are paying close attention for commercial applications of resveratrol in the cosmetics market sector.

What are the options for accessing quality resveratrol supplements?

Next time you're out shopping look for health food stores and browse their inventory for supplies of resveratrol supplements. Do the same at your local store. Also talk to the store owners about resveratrol. Then again, look online. There are loads of online opportunities for buying resveratrol supplements. In some cases you will find websites offering convenient links to merchants offering free trials of resveratrol supplement packs. The only initial cost involved is the shipping fees. Some advice, study the terms of the free trial offers. Usually the terms require you cancel and return the offer if you decide you do not want to pay the full price after the end of the trial period.

In conclusion, the information and opinions contained this article are based on researched information from publicly available sources. Therefore, the information does not comprise medical advice or scientific fact. Commercially available resveratrol supplements are not approved by the FDA for any health condition. For any specific health condition, talk to a professional medical doctor.

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